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Arts Matters is the advocacy platform for the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA representing over 700 organisations and individuals.

We believe the creative sector has a significant part to play as we respond to current challenges and imagine a future of health and prosperity for our State. 


The facts. The opportunities.

Over the last five years the creative industries have faced considerable challenges including the major disruption of COVID-19.

It is at moments like these that big conversations need to happen about where we are and where we aspire to be.

The creative economy is big business as evidenced by global trends in cultural tourism, screen production and the experience economy and the creative industries are amid the strongest growth areas in developed economies worldwide.

There are strategic issues that can address the security of our State's cultural assets and create an environment in which our creative workers can continue to develop Western Australia through stories, art, and connecting communities.

Western Australia can do more to enhance our strengths, grow the creative workforce, and realise our future. Now is the moment to encourage that potential in Western Australia.

Key Facts

Key Opportunities


We believe arts, culture and creativity matters.