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Arts Matters is the advocacy platform for the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA representing over 700 organisations and individuals.

We believe the creative sector has a significant part to play as we respond to current challenges and imagine a future of health and prosperity for our State. 

To support our advocacy on behalf of the sector in the lead up to the 2022 Federal Election we have launched our #ArtsMatters2 campaign.

We will continue to use the successful advocacy platform – – which outlines the key policy and investment strategies required in the next four years to support the development and sustainability of WA cultural, economic and social ecology.

A dynamic, active and thriving creative sector will contribute to WA’s role as a destination to live, visit, learn and do business. This can be achieved by:

  • Diversifying the creative job market
  • Creative positive outlets for social cohesion and self-expression
  • To develop, tell and share Australian stories that rise from the First Nation’s storylines to the migrant and refugee stories that create a contemporary WA.

A devastating and exhausting time for the arts and culture sector, yet WA artists and arts organisation continue to deliver and respond to the needs of communities they work in.

With support from all levels of government, the sector can play a crucial role in the State’s and Australia’s recovery and successes.

We invite you to be part of this campaign and show that ArtsMatters2 at this election.

Your Vote Counts

From the platform you can contact your federal MP and candidate running in your electorates and urge them to support our arts and cultural sector.

You can also email the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition and help share our key campaign messages for your arts and culture to thrive.

We are asking for a National Plan for the Arts, investment in training and skills development for arts, culture and creative industries workers, a dynamic national representation of Indigenous culture and arts, and investment in programs that grow access and participation in arts and culture activities for all Australians.


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We believe arts, culture and creativity matters.