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By global standards, the Western Australian government has managed the COVID-19 crisis incredibly well. The phrase most often heard in conversation over the last year is “how lucky we are to live in this part of the world”. 

However, the sector has been operating under restrictions which have seen cancelled performances and exhibitions, and venues operating at below capacity for nearly a year. 

The biggest blow has been felt by the artists, sole-traders and contractors who lost over 70% of work and income in the first six months of the pandemic.

The sector is now contemplating a year ahead without the critical support of Jobkeeper.

We are reaching a tipping point when staging events will not be viable – even with the support that has been offered over the last year.  As a result, up to 7,000 arts and culture workers face another year of living below the bread line.

The WA Government needs to pay serious attention to how we reshape our arts and culture sector.  Around the world creative economies are becoming one of the strongest growth areas in developed economies and now is the moment to unlock that potential for Western Australia.

Join us by advocating for the arts to your local representatives.

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