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Investment in our cultural workforce will entice local talent to remain in WA and will promote the creative thinking critical for innovation and pursuing new opportunities.

$1 million investment over 4 years to build capacity for the arts and culture industry through research and professional development.

This will enhance workers' capacity and also support government priorities in other portfolios.

The State government's Cultural Infrastructure Framework 2030+ (released December 2020) envisions Western Australia as

"the most culturally engaged State in Australia — with cultural infrastructure that celebrates our rich cultural diversity and creative talent, ... recognised as a major hub for technological innovation and the creative industries, and ... known as one of the most artistic and inspiring places in the world."

The Framework 2030+ recognises the benefits of cultural infrastructure including how it helps achieve WA's economic, health, education, environmental, social and regional priorities, attracting cultural tourism, promoting urban renewal, developing new markets, and delivering objectives identified in the Diversify WA strategy.

To achieve the Framework's ambitions, there are five focus areas:

  1. Maintain and celebrate WA's Aboriginal art, culture and heritage
  2. Optimise existing cultural assets
  3. Holistic cultural infrastructure planning
  4. Incentivise private investment
  5. Understand and measure the public value of cultural infrastructure.

Matching investment to the Framework's ambitions will add jobs to the creative workforce, increase regional prosperity and economic diversity, maintain and celebrate our Aboriginal art, culture and heritage, grow tourism and future-proof culture, creativity and the economy.