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Key Facts

The arts, culture and creative industries are important contributors to our state ecomony and tourism goals. 

In 2018/2019 the creative industries contributed approximately $3.3 billion to the WA economy generating an estimated $175.9 million in exports.

Yet, over the last five years Government investment in the combined arts and sports portfolio was an average of just 0.8% of the total general government services.


  • JOBS | The Creative industries employs approximately 53,000 Western Australians.

  • SMALL BUSINESSES | There are approximately 10,000 WA creative businesses – 60% are sole traders. Businesses like these have been severely impacted by COVID-19 with a reported loss of over 70% of revenue.

  • INDIGENOUS EMPLOYMENT AND COMMUNITY REVENUE | The Aboriginal arts sector in Western Australia generates 61% of Aboriginal sales nationally.

  • ECONOMIC GROWTH | Between the 2011 and 2016, creative employment in Australia grew by an average of 2.2% per annum, nearly twice that of the entire workforce.

  • INTERNATIONAL TOURISM OPPORTUNITIES | International arts tourist numbers to Australia grew by 47% between 2013 and 2017, a higher growth rate than for international tourist numbers overall (37%).

  • DOMESTIC TOURISM OFFERINGS | Australians who engage with the arts while exploring their own country are growing. Since 2014, there have been increases in the numbers of tourists engaging with arts activities on daytrips (+14%) and overnight trips (+20%)