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Key Opportunities

To be internationally significant we need to be locally relevant.

The report Sculpting a National Cultural Plan: Igniting a post-COVID economy for the arts presented to Parliament at the conclusion of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s Creative and Cultural Industries and Institutions identify  key challenges facing the sector that require policy and investment to ensure the survival and growth of the creative industries post-COVID.

We need a clear plan to meet economic potential and community outcomes. Globally and within Australia, employment in creative industries has been one of the fastest growth areas pre-pandemics. We need to understand the longer-term trends that will shape a new vision for our sector.


Supporting key recommendations from the Parliamentary Inquiry report, many of which the Chamber has long advocated for including a National Plan for the Arts.

We need to address the cumulative impact of the stagnant funding levels of major organisations, reduced core funding options for smaller companies and independent artists. Worrying trends relating to mental health and well-being of the arts/culture workforce and marked decline in ability to invest in strategic initiatives, longer term outcomes and innovative practice is a call for change.


Connected Federal, State and local priorities for arts and culture.

Generate stronger collaboration between key economic drivers to maximise impact – (tourism/art/culture).

Provide a clear investment plan that demonstrates how investment will be provided, where it will be provided and how much will be provided.

Foster creativity to  support the nurturing of talent and innovation.

Secure and sustain a skilled workforce that have access to training and professional development.

Create opportunities for participation at every level of community that is meaningful and appropriate for a diverse range of people and communities.


Australian identity is augmented, celebrated and reflects its diversity and is connected to its history.

Economic diversity and social connectedness will thrive through creative engagement.

Excellence and participation are entwined.

First Nations arts and culture will be valued and led by their communities.

Liveability of remote areas, regions, towns and cities will thrive, with healthy communities and sustainable social and economic growth.

Impact and value of arts and culture is understood and valued.

Australia leads the way as a cultural destination for visitors, to do business, to live and to study.

Our Call to Action: Create a National Plan that connects Federal, State and Local Governments