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Support arts and culture jobs panel

Ensure stability to arts and cultural organisations through consolidated revenue at a minimum level of $23 million per year.

This will enable the creative industries to confidently plan for projects in turn boosting employment opportunities and resilience in the sector.  


Presenting new artistic works is essential for growing WA and international audiences. Artistic excellence is achieved by continuous practice.  The lack of opportunity to grow their skills within a dynamic community of practitioners is a key motivation for artists and creative personnel to leave the State.

There has been significant government investment in infrastructure, but it is now imperative that we match this with support for creative content that is equally ambitious. 

The development process should be the "engine room" of the industry: reflecting contemporary practice, capturing our ideas and stories, and growing a distinctive Western Australian voice in the world.

$5 million investment over the next 4 years for commissioning new works.

This will enable artists to deliver ambitious projects and engage with communities as part of the recovery process.   

This investment will enable the sector to attract more funding from the Commonwealth and to form national partnerships that broaden the impact of WA artists.

The Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip is now an institution of national and international significance and reinforces the importance of Western Australian stories.

We need this ambition across all of our State institutions - the State Library of Western Australia and the Art Gallery of Western Australia should be supported to achieve the same impact. They drive the conversations around our cultural heritage and are at the forefront of research and specialist knowledge about WA culture.

The absence of national institutions in our State means these institutions must be equipped to participate in projects of national significance and make them accessible to Western Australians. 

$5 million investment over 4 years for strategic programming within our cultural institutions which will support their leadership role in locally and nationally.

Invest in our State's cultural assets to garner greater visitation, new income streams, and build cultural cohesion. 

As events continue to take place under the COVID-19 safety regulations, many organisations within the performing arts sector are unable to afford the regular user charges and fees charged by the Perth Theatre Trust.

These venues include His Majesty's Theatre, the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Subiaco Arts Centre, Albany Entertainment Centre, the Perth Cultural Centre, King Street Arts Centre and Perth Concert Hall.

Subsidise $2 million to the Perth Theatre Trust (or newly established Arts and Cultural Authority) in order to reduce venue hire charges while COVID-19 social distancing restrictions remain in place.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians have higher representation in the arts and film/tv sectors than in the wider WA employment market with almost 3.0% of employment in film, TV, radio, music, performing and visual arts.

The Aboriginal Empowerment plan acknowledges the critical role of arts and culture in supporting wider goals to to improve and sustain well-being.  Spaces for cultural practice, knowledge sharing and preservation of important heritage is vital.

The success of WA's Aboriginal Arts Centres and the growth of Aboriginal owned tourism businesses are two examples of communities can grow income and have aa worldwide impact.  

Commit to an Aboriginal Arts and Culture Plan for the State to align with the Aboriginal Empowerment Plan.

Film production in Western Australia has nearly doubled over the last four years.  Government is now considering proposals for a market-led Screen Studio Infrastructure in Western Australia.

Building production studios and post-production facilities in Western Australia will address one of the key hindrances to further growth in the WA screen sector. 

A well targeted incentive program that attracts both capital and skills to the State is an extremely important component of success as has been demonstrated in other Australian states.

$40 million Incentive Fund over 4 years attracting international and interstate investment in films production in WA.